If you are someone who gets easily embarrassed, bear with us. This is a story for you. 

It has all of our favourite narrative elements, starting with a well-meaning but slightly clueless client, and a funny story culminating in a severe case of laptop herpes but ending with a well-done laptop repair.

With this story, you will probably learn a thing or two about how to avoid a computer virus, and you will educate your friends, too…

Our Client’s Drama…

Although we try keeping our clients gender neutral to avoid bias, there’s no point in doing that here. Our starstruck client is an elderly gentleman, we’ll call him Carl.

Carl came to us one day to ask for help, as he had been experiencing severe problems with his laptop connection. He couldn’t access his emails, he couldn’t play online bingo, he couldn’t do anything. Thinking it was a laptop’s problem, he had brought it in, and as soon as our friendly tech wizard Brad connected it to our network, he started receiving all sorts of emails and notifications.

Was it a network problem, then? Seemingly, he had disconnected from his own WiFi, and his wife hadn’t reported any issues with it, so we just thought that he had been a little too clumsy and had simply messed up with his laptop’s settings.

Oh boy, were we wrong.

From Failed Connection…

As soon as Carl returned home, his connection problems started again. Once more, he couldn’t browse the internet or receive emails.

That’s when our friendly wizard Brad decided to visit his house to check any network problems.

Weirdly enough, Brad noticed that when he tried to access our website from Carl’s WiFi, he was notified that the connection wasn’t secure. 

What Brad saw next was something he definitely wasn’t expecting…

… To A Family Feud!

Brad connected his smartphone to Carl’s WiFi to check where the problem was. He put in the password, he tried logging into the default gateway that should have redirected him to the broadband provider’s portal, and his poor smartphone started flashing…

…with porn and all sorts of explicit images.

It was a virus. And it was pretty clear how Carl had got it.

Luckily, our job is not to be family mediators. But we bet Carl had some major explaining to do.

Curing The Laptop Herpes And Restoring The Connection…

Brad did a complete reset of Carl’s broadband and restored the WiFi. So Carl was finally able to surf the internet for whatever purpose he had in mind, and we could leave him to his fate. But we can tell you that he will not recover soon from the embarrassment.

How To Avoid Dealing With Computer Virus…

Well, for starters, no matter what banners say, nothing’s gonna enlarge your penis with a click. And probably there are no hot singles in your areas that crave meeting you.

They will not contact you through a banner; we are pretty sure about that.

Never click on Instagram messages where young chicks tell you they have a special video for you, and try being more suspicious about what seems too good to be true.

Trust Carl. 

Or his wife.

Laptop Got Cyber Herpes?

If you’re worried your laptop’s picked up an STD, don’t worry, we’re well-practiced in the fine art of removing viruses, porn, and various other unmentionable things from infected tech. 

We promise we won’t judge you by the size of your SSD ?