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Benefits of An SSD Upgrade

You’re working away on your computer for hours, go to save your project and there it is, the dreaded “Storage almost full” notification. Your computer begins running incredibly slowly and [...]

Maintaining Your Gaming Console

Lockdown has taken its toll on us all, but have you also considered the fact that it may also have taken its toll on your gaming console too? All of [...]

Can A Cracked Laptop Be Saved?

You’ve been working away, decide to pop your laptop on the floor for a break, take a nap and forget all about it. Next thing you know, you’re awake and [...]

Cursor Not Moving? What You Need To Do

Stuff always breaks when you’re super busy, for example, you’re in the middle of a VITAL level in your game, working through your essay citations or about to send the [...]

Slow Computer? Let’s Speed It Up

Nothing damages your productivity quite like a slow computer. It always seems to act up when you’re in a rush too. Whether it takes ages to load up, or simply [...]

Top 10 Computer Mistakes That Will F**k Up Your Tech

From broken screens to corrupt files and everything in between, we’ve seen it all before here in the Acrylic PC Repairs office. Often, we see the same problems coming in to us to be fixed, caused by simple mistakes that could have easily been avoided. That’s why we’ve put together a list of computer mistakes we have seen over the years.

Overheating Computer? Let’s Get It Running Again

An overheating computer is never a good sign, and it can cause a series of issues that can leave your beloved device broken. Even though you can run a clogged-up machine for months with seemingly no issues, sooner or later the amount of muck will take over and leave you wondering where you went wrong. This particular gaming computer swiftly died from overheating and had the owner needing an urgent fix. Luckily, one of our tech geeks managed to sort this relatively quickly. Within 2 hours, after a thorough clean inside and out, it was purring like a kitten again just like new. 

Can Laptop Screens Be Repaired Easily And Quickly?

It’s so easily done… you put your laptop on the floor for a second, forget it’s there, and step on it… one of the kids decides it’s a stupendously good idea to play Jenga with everything in the living room and suddenly, crash… I think the weirdest one we’ve had so far was someone’s cat knocking a vase off the windowsill straight onto a MacBook and smashing it. However it happens, the first question on your mind (after you’ve wondered about the legality of corporal punishment) is going to be, can laptop screens even be repaired?

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